Monday, July 20, 2009

im a blogger :)...?

i can't believe im doing this! this is my first attempt at being a blogger.

this past weekend we had our first family camping trip just nick, lilly, max and me, it was a blast we went to apple creek campgrounds. over all it was a really nice place the camp sites were a little on the small side but the pool, playground and kids activities were great. we also ran into our neighbors from home so that was a wonderful surprise, i posted a few picture from the trip.

max with our pal noah

i love this picture


  1. Congrats on the new blog! It looks great!

    Did you run into Noah while camping!? How fun!!

  2. first thanks to you for helping me get started:)
    and yah there him and his sister jill were swimming in the pool, i was so excited to see them we had a really fun day and and at night sat by the fire and talked.... and kara made the best smores with marshmallows and cookies (yum:)

  3. Hi!! I am SO happy that you decided to blog!! Now we can keep up with Max between our playdates! It's pretty easy isn't it. See you soon! (I am working on our first committee meeting!:) )

  4. Your blog looks great. The pics are so cute and looks like you had lots of fun.