Monday, March 7, 2011

winter up north.

our family really enjoys up north in the winter, it's our time to get outside and breath in the fresh air:)
baby grey all bundled up in his snowsuit.

i was laughing so hard after i took this picture!

a family picture:)

grandpa elrick giving grandma, lilly and max a push down the hill.

after the fun of sledding we took a ride around the lake on the snowmobile, then took a nice walk on the road... lilly and max had a blast running in their snowsuits... they looked like little penguins wading down the street:)

with all that fresh air baby grey was out for hours:)

grandma and baby grey taking another cat nap.

boy,  it was a lazy weekend:)

lilly just hangout on the bunk beds.

come on max give your mom a smile:)

oh, there it is:)

max is all about doing the things his big sister is...

no bunk bed is going to stop this little man from following his big sis:)

max giving his daddy a five for making it to the top!

lilly is so excited to have him playing on the bunk beds with her... and

max was happy to be there with her:)

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