Thursday, August 6, 2009

bring on the rain.

a funny thing happened to me last night. my husband and i were talking about this upcoming weekend, we are planning a camping trip with my sisters, their husbands and children, anyways nick says there is a chance of rain friday, saturday, and sunday. my mind started to wander well if it rains then we'll be stuck inside, everything will get wet, no campfire, and on and on, worring about the chance of possible rain.
then all i could do was SMILE,...
to think i let a little thing like rain get to me like that. i haven't had something so small bother me in such a long time, for a second it was nice to worry about something other than max.... but then i thought no, i should be wasting my time on rain,... bring on the rain, i can handle rain.
max's has brought me so many wonderful things, to take the time to say them all... well that will need to be a different post, but the one i will say today is, except for last night i don't let those little thing bother me, to look back at my life before max... it was sad, all of the small unimportant things i wasted my time and energy (feeling) on. i know whats imported to me now, and i have my children to thank for that.


  1. I love your post today. It reminds me of my day today too. I was out at a book store and the books that I looked for were really different compared to what I used to look for. Anyways to make a long story short... The main difference is that I really don't worry where I am heading now as much as I did before Wysdom. Isn't it amazing how much we change!

  2. great post! I feel like that too since having Noah in my life, I look at everything so different.