Saturday, August 1, 2009

farmers market... and a bob?

today we spent the morning at the farmers market (downtown appleton) it was a lot of fun lilly got her face painted for the first time (a star), we also went to a little kids hair salon and lilly got a bob cut:) so cute.

we were trying to get a picture of the star on her cheek

it was a lot of fun for lilly, the stylist braided and put sparkles (pixie dust) in her hair... she thought it was so cool.


  1. You have beautiful kids! Looks like a great day and a good time. Love her new hair cut!

  2. Cute hairstyle! And beautiful children.
    Found your blog via DS New Mama. My son, Matthew, is 21 months old and I blog about him and our family at Looking forward to following your blog and seeing more cute photos.

  3. What adorable little kids! I'm visiting from DSNewMama & you can find my two little boys at !

  4. Awwww, your kids are beautiful!

  5. Oh such a cute haircut. Love the pixie dust.

    Such cute kids. I found my way to your blog via the DS New Mama. Carly, is 7 years old and was born with Ds too. You can find us over at
    Looking forward to many more posts from you. And pictures of the kids too.

  6. More fans who stopped in from DSNewMama...We're looking forward to following Max and Lilly on their upcoming adventures!

  7. Oh so sweet! I love Lilly's new hair cut! She looks like such a big girl now.