Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the touch

two weeks back i went out for supper with other moms in our Ds family, we try to get together once a month. i really enjoy that time with all of them. it's funny how a group of women all different ages, careers, and lifestyles can come together and have a truly great time. anyway this was what i came home to.

what a wonderful daddy.


  1. That is so sweet! What a super daddy :)

    I LOVED your post about climbing the stairs! That's so great that he is able to do that. It's funny that things most parents are like "no! not the stairs!" we are excited about because simply, it's an accomplishment :)


  2. He looks pretty content, too. So sweet! I just went out with the moms in our Ds group for the first time last night. So fun!

  3. What a precious photo. It's nice to know that Daddy will take very good care of our little ones when we're getting some R&R with friends.