Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's weekend

we spent the weekend up north with grandma and grandpa elrick:) we had a lot of fun outside on the lake, we took a slow ride on the sled behind the snowmobile, lilly and max had a great time.

poor max had to wear his sisters old snowsuit:( i looked and looked before we left for his but it's missing:( oh, well he still looks super cute in light purple. he fell asleep two seconds after we started the ride:)
lilly made a snowman... but it kept falling apart:(
the snow just wasn't packy enough.
a nice family picture, eating the best breakfast in the world... omelets with everything:) oh, and when we got home today nick surprised me with diamond earrings!!! the perfect ending to a perfect valentine's !!!


  1. Happy valentines day! That ride would lull me to sleep too!

  2. What a great family photo! I love sleeping Max and Lily's soggy snowman! Can't blame a girl for tryin'... :-)

  3. Love the purple snow suit - our Max is sleeping with a pink blanket tonight! What a good hubby to surprise you, too!

  4. That looks like so much fun. Love the picture of Max sleeping.