Saturday, April 24, 2010


over this past year i have found the Down syndrome blogging community to be very loving, and supportive. i feel lucky to be following so many of these wonderful families through their journey in life... even though with most of them being so far in distance from me, in someway they are all so close to my heart.

yesterday the world lost a beautiful little girl named Carly,

i know the heartache that i am going through, i can't imagine the heartbreak her family must be feeling at this time.

i just wanted to share this with all of you, so you know what the world has lost, and how luck God is right now to have loving Carly by his side.


  1. The loss of beautiful Carly has been a shock. It just seems so impossible.

  2. it's shaken all of us up. The emotions, the heart ache that I have for the family right now. I just keep praying for peace and strength for them during this time. Just so unexpected and truly a loss for this world.