Saturday, April 10, 2010

max standing:)

this morning max and i spent some one on one time together:) we wanted to do a little practicing of standing on his own.
a few kisses of encouragement:)
i never thought of letting him lean on anything to practice standing and his pt lisa came over for a visit last thursday and did this with him... i was shocked by how long he stood there by himself:)
wooo whoo max!
way to go max!
i can't get back fast enough to get a picture with his whole body in it.

with all that hard work of standing on his own... it's time to sit:)


  1. Max you're a superstar!! Good job cutie!

  2. Ratliff family10 April, 2010 20:30

    Sara, he is too cute...and so big! I love the outfit:) It was great to see you all this weekend.

  3. Found your blog linked from Sarah's blog. WTG, Max! The Love Magnet learned how to stand by leaning against our couch, too.

  4. Way to go buddy! Awesome job!

  5. Yay Max! That is wonderful! :o)

  6. You go Max!~ Go on with your bad self! Awww great job buddy! :)

  7. And he looks so cool just hanging out by the couch! Love it! What a great job!

  8. Noah's Mommy11 April, 2010 15:43

    Wow-I thought I recognized this outfit. We just saw you earlier in the day. How exciting. Cheering and smiling EVERY step of the way!!

  9. AWESOME!!! Before you know it he'll be run off from here to there. ;-) Better put your jogging shoes on. hehe