Monday, November 8, 2010

my littlest one:)

this little boy is six weeks today. i am noticing he is not as quiet as little max was when he was a baby he is more like lilly. he is not sleeping though the night (i know that is normal but i forgot how it can affect you during the day, not getting that sleep.) and just like lilly was, if he is not being held he is crying. i can say the difference now is that i know it doesn't hurt a baby to cry. so there is a lot more noise in the house:)
he is just so small, it's hard to remember the other two so small. he is most definitely growing, a few of his sleeves are getting short on him already! but he is still fitting perfectly into newborn diapers:)
lilly and max are loving taking turns to hold him, and just the other day lilly wanted to help with a diaper change! it went well, she just kept saying "oh, you have such a tiny little butt, cute."
the whole family is truly enjoying the newest member of the family:) (even with less sleep and all the extra noise:))


  1. He looks so sweet :) I love his name too!

  2. He's such a doll. I love the 'oooh' picture! Like he's telling you something really special! :)