Thursday, November 18, 2010

never forget:)

throughout life you get these moments, usually time passes and we forget.... this is one that i pray i will never. i have posted in the past that max's language has really picked up. but for some reason this event truly hit me, let me explain;

it all starts that i got a 30% off at kohls so my mom and i went after work to shop. by the time i got home it was dark. normally anytime that i get home and the kids are already there max and lilly come running to the door, lilly normal saying your home! and max normal yelling some type of cute gibberish. but this night it was different max greeted me at the door silent. he looked up at me and then did the sign for "na-night" (to sleep) no sound, no noise, no yelling, just a sign. i said to him "no max you don't need to go na-night you play." he just looked at me, it's hard to find the right words to describe it. it was a look of... you understand me:) all this time yelling i did this, and you finally understand me! then he just smiled turned around and walk away.

now, i know that he has asked for "more" and has done all of these other signs that i am very proud of. for some reason, this to me seemed like my first conversation with him:) sure, it might have been a one sign conversation, but to me it felt like we were really connected with words:) i've been waiting to have this moment, and i thought i would have to hear him vocally to feel that connection but i was wrong and that is why i hope i never forget it.

here is max signing na-night.


  1. So HAPPY for the both of you!! I don't think that this moment will be forgotten, I am sure it will be tucked away in your "memory box"!! Very sweet=)

  2. What a great moment. I can't wait for my Max to start signing more.

  3. What a wonderful moment...I am so happy for you! Love those sweet and tender moments...

  4. This was really neat to read, it just sounded so special :)

  5. Way to go Max!! Those connection-moments are the biggest payday a mom can have. Love it!