Saturday, August 28, 2010

Down to earth.

every summer a near by local group in oshkosh, Down to earth puts on a really nice picnic. they invite all families from DSAW- fox cities. when i called to rsvp i first gave her my name...
me: "hi my name is sara pingel and i was just calling to let you know that our family is planning on attending the Down to earth picnic."
her: "could you please hold on i'm outside and my phone is to far away from the receiver.... okay, sorry... what did you say your name was?"
me: "sara pingel"
her: "oh, i thought you said sarah palin!"
that made me laugh:)
a group shot of the picnic:)
lilly, max and me enjoying the entertainment.
nick and i were so surprised when we told lilly to go and join some of the kids up front with the man that was singing songs.... she did! she ran right up and wasn't shy, or quite when some talked to her. lilly really came out of her shell this day:)
max and his friend ashley:)
lilly at the front of the train:)
max pointing at his big sister lilly when she walked by:)

the park had a great sprinkler area, it seemed like every family brought their kids swimming suits, it was a perfect day to play in the water.

the kids had so much fun playing in the water:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


over the weekend we went camping at hartman's creek, it was a great weekend. jessie and the kids joined us:) it was really neat to go with the kids to this campground because i have so many wonderful memories of being there with my family camping when i was little:)

max and daddy getting ready for bed.

nick, max and aiden watching the fire:)
lilly finishing her breakfast:)
max having one of aunt jessie's treats:)

saturday morning they had a nature guy come to the park and show different animals to the kids.

they all thought it was really neat:)

none of the kids pet this thing.... it was a little scary, when it was time to put it back in it cage it bit the nature guys helper!

on the walk back to our campsite max took a nice nap, all that excitement of those animals tuckered this little guy out.
lilly and aiden roasted hot dogs for us all for lunch:)

we spent everyday at the beach. the water was so cold, perfect for hot summer days:)

aiden collected shells every day:)
riley swam:)
jack played:)

riley and lilly covered their feet deep in the sand:)
max ate a lot of sand.

i thought this was a cute picture... don't worry it's a empty bottle:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bugs and more!

sunday we spent part of the day at a local nature center:) the day was beautiful, but i can say with all the rain we have been having the mosquitoes were crazy!

max thought the large fish where pretty neat:)
lilly liked the snakes and turtles:)
not sure if you can see there is a white label on the side of this tank that says please do not touch the turtles,... oops.
next time we will follow the rules little turtle:)
lilly was very concerned about the "stuffed" animals, especially for this little deer:(
lilly can't walk by a bubbler without getting something to drink:)

so many places to run...
next year max:)

lilly found an apple that fell off a tree:)... it looked really good... until we saw the worm that made a home in it!
they had a huge nest for the kids to play in.
max had more fun climbing on the ladder:)

i thought this was a pretty picture, but it also is where all the mosquitoes are coming from!