Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


this morning i received this email from nick, i thought it was pretty cute and wanted to share:)

Last night when I was putting Lilly to bed I said "Man I can't get that Sesame Street song out of my head". She slapped me in the side of the head and I said what was that for, she responded "I'm getting that song out of you head for you". Hilarious., I forgot to tell you when I came downstairs.  -Nick

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

our kitten.

last weekend our family adopted a kitten.  nick and i have been thinking about this addition for awhile now, and decided now was the best time for our family:)  now i'm sure many of you are probably thinking... "they are crazy, they just had a baby!"  but we have truly thought it through and it is the best thing for our family.  nick and i both feel that a pet is a huge commitment especially when it is a family pet, when your children are involved and get emotionally attached.  there are many reasons for wanting this kitten but have to say that they are all for my children. 
lilly is at a great age for responsibility, not that i am relying on her to feed her or having her clean the litter box, but i am having her help.  another reason is lilly loves baby grey, and it is wonderful how much she loves him.... but there comes a point where i think she needs to focus her love onto something else, we thought a family pet would be perfect:)  one other big reason is that lilly is so good during max's at home therapy.  in the beginning when max was tiny she would sit and watch the therapist play with max, but now they are doing some really fun things and lilly would try to get involved:(  i feel bad because she just wants to play and sometimes it works out where she can but most of the time... it's really is max's time, it's his time to work on new things and i think that is a hard thing for a little girl to understand.  so for the past year that time has been her tv time... now it can be her special time to play with the kitten(she is really excited about that)! 

onto the reasons for max,  it was funny i told max's therapist about getting the cat because i wanted to make sure none of them were allergic, a few are and said it shouldn't be a problem.  but they all were really excited.  They all shared the reasons from each of their specialties how having a family pet was going to help max.  from the first day we have had the kitten i have seen the things that they told me.  it is the cutest thing he sits down right next to her and just talks, i'm not sure what he is saying to her but he talks and talks and talks:)  he follows her everywhere under the table, under the chair, up and down the steps:)  most of the time i am seeing he is very gentle with her, she will just lay there and let him pet her... and he loves hearing her purr.  he is seeing that when he is not as gentle she gets up and walks away from him, he is learning that cause a reaction that he doesn't like.

oh, and i can't forget about baby grey, having a family pet would be that he has less time with his big sister kissing on him:)

max holding the kitten for the first time.
lilly's first time holding the kitten.
lilly letting the kitten play with her toys:)
max lying down talking to the kitten.
it's pretty cute, he tells her something then he laughs, it must have been something really funny:)

we are enjoying our newest family member!