Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wiped out again,

tonight lilly didn't even make it to the couch after i picked her up from grandmas house. wiped out again from playing hard with her cousins all day:)
i unpacked max went into the living room to set him on the floor and went back to put my shoes away and there she was... passed out on the floor/step. at least she was able to finish her sucker from grandma:)
max on the other hand was ready to play!!!
(and yes he is wearing the same pj's as monday)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sunday movie night

this last sunday we had a movie night, we had popcorn and watched "hotel for dogs" lilly really liked it.... max didn't get to much out of the movie but we sure had fun on the floor:)

sorry lilly, i cut your head out of the picture.

that's better... now you just need to both smile at the same time.

thank you:)

ahhh...its a monster!!!

oh, its just max:)

what a nice smile lilly:)

you to max:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

peek-a-boo through a door:)

lilly was playing outside with nick and then max saw her and started screaming with so much excitement lilly heard from outside and ran over to the door and it was so cute, she just started to play peek-a-boo through the door with him.... he loved it:)

lilly was getting board with play peep-a-boo with max and ran over to play on the swing set

then max wanted to join her:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

special delivery

this morning we had a unexpected visitor and she brought a special delivery. for every holiday my aunt lynn, lilly and maxs great aunt lynn mails them those hallmark musical cards, because its always fun for the kids to get mail!!! growing up my aunt lynn lived one house away form my mom and dads, she was the aunt that i have memories of painting my nails, being so little and her letting me play dress up with her fancy jewelry, reading me story's, and helping me with my reading (i never really liked reading as a kid, it was something i struggled in) my aunt lynn is a wonderful teacher and is great with children. she was with us on Christmas mornings, Thanksgivings, oh and never missed a birthday. so even though she lives now lives in Milwaukee she is still a huge part in our lives. anyways instead of getting these cards by mail she made a special delivery and stop at our house for a nice visit. we really love her visits, cards or no cards:)

thanks again great aunt lynn:)

here is lilly and great aunt lynn last Halloween:)

she was waiting in my driveway when i got home and scared the "poop" out of me!!! (and just so you all know she put paint on her front tooth, it's not really like that, ha... that was such a funny day!!!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eleven months

yesterday max turned eleven month!!! this is what he has been up to this past month;
he knows how to do "So Big" and clap:)
he got his first tooth letter O (lower left front) and it is super pointy and sharp as a pin,
he pulls himself to sanding (and hes not sure how to get down...someone must be there at all times because he takes quite the tumble when he wants to get down),
he is starting to bring large pieces of food to his mouth (don't worry they are safe pieces of dissolvable food),
he is drinking through a straw,
we just moved his crib down to the lower level,
and i'm leaving my favorite for last... he now has an infectious giggle that really lets his little personality shine:)

happy eleven months max

Friday, October 16, 2009

cousin fun:)

after a busy morning of getting the flu vaccine for lilly and physical therapy with max's new therapist debbie (who we like a ton), two of lilly and max's cousins came over to play this afternoon:)
they play so nice.... well most of the time:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

kids in pumpkins:)

who doesn't love pictures of little ones in pumpkins?...

Friday, October 9, 2009

pumpkin patch

last weekend we spent up north, my mom and dad heard of this farm that had pumpkins for sale any size $3... it was a ton of fun they had pumpkins, cows, pigs, cats, and chickens:)

family picturelilly and daddy lilly sitting on her pumpkin

we tried to have max in the picture but all he would do is play with the mud:)

grandpa elrick.... and lillys pumpkin
lilly picked out a small pumpkin for max
that's one strong little pumpkin, lilly wanted to carry it herself to the car.... and gently dropped it 4 times:)

slow down lilly, i don't think it can take a 5th drop:)

lilly and the cows:)

max and daddy

boy, i wish i could touch that cow.
thanks mom.
(that's lillys new thing no more mommy... its just mom now. )
as you see, max wouldn't take his eyes off them:)