Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eleven months

yesterday max turned eleven month!!! this is what he has been up to this past month;
he knows how to do "So Big" and clap:)
he got his first tooth letter O (lower left front) and it is super pointy and sharp as a pin,
he pulls himself to sanding (and hes not sure how to get down...someone must be there at all times because he takes quite the tumble when he wants to get down),
he is starting to bring large pieces of food to his mouth (don't worry they are safe pieces of dissolvable food),
he is drinking through a straw,
we just moved his crib down to the lower level,
and i'm leaving my favorite for last... he now has an infectious giggle that really lets his little personality shine:)

happy eleven months max


  1. Awwww!!! How time seems just like yesterday when I met you online...It's so good to hear that he is doing good and pulling up! I'm glad he is drinking through a straw as won't have to go through the issues that I am dealing with now. I'm just so happy for you and Max! Happy 11 months Max! Next month will be a whole year to have seen that sweet face!

  2. Happy 11 months Max!!!! He is doing wonderful and oh so cute!

  3. awesome little boy! jack will be turning 12 months on the 30th. don't they grow up too fast?!

  4. Happy 11 months Max. Lots of great accomplishments! Good job!

  5. Max is doing great! I have a baby boy with DS who is 19 month. He is progressing very well, but his gross motor skills have been very hard to accomplish. Max's gross motor skills are very good. Good job Max! You are also a super baby.

  6. precious! Congrats on his achievements! Parker is 5 months, it goes so fast!!! Enjoy each day!! Blessings!

  7. Wow, Max has grown so much and is absolutely adorable! Yes, I agree that giggling is the BEST part!