Saturday, October 24, 2009

special delivery

this morning we had a unexpected visitor and she brought a special delivery. for every holiday my aunt lynn, lilly and maxs great aunt lynn mails them those hallmark musical cards, because its always fun for the kids to get mail!!! growing up my aunt lynn lived one house away form my mom and dads, she was the aunt that i have memories of painting my nails, being so little and her letting me play dress up with her fancy jewelry, reading me story's, and helping me with my reading (i never really liked reading as a kid, it was something i struggled in) my aunt lynn is a wonderful teacher and is great with children. she was with us on Christmas mornings, Thanksgivings, oh and never missed a birthday. so even though she lives now lives in Milwaukee she is still a huge part in our lives. anyways instead of getting these cards by mail she made a special delivery and stop at our house for a nice visit. we really love her visits, cards or no cards:)

thanks again great aunt lynn:)

here is lilly and great aunt lynn last Halloween:)

she was waiting in my driveway when i got home and scared the "poop" out of me!!! (and just so you all know she put paint on her front tooth, it's not really like that, ha... that was such a funny day!!!)


  1. Aunt Lynn looks like she would be a hoot! So glad she came by to brighten your day!

  2. love that last photo, how funny! so nice to have such a wonderful Aunt!