Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wiped out again,

tonight lilly didn't even make it to the couch after i picked her up from grandmas house. wiped out again from playing hard with her cousins all day:)
i unpacked max went into the living room to set him on the floor and went back to put my shoes away and there she was... passed out on the floor/step. at least she was able to finish her sucker from grandma:)
max on the other hand was ready to play!!!
(and yes he is wearing the same pj's as monday)


  1. I love the picture of Lilly. Don't you just love when they have a great time playing. Too cute.

  2. Oh look cute and wide awake he is!

  3. That picture of Lilly is priceless!

  4. boy she sure was tired! sweet photos

  5. The picture of Lilly is so funny. My Sophie fell asleep in the car while eating a cheese stick. It was still hanging out of her mouth. Poor thing, we giggled and took lots of pictures!