Tuesday, November 3, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.... well at least a few days late:)
we had planned for lilly to be a witch and max a bumble bee, but right before we left the house of course they were dress and ready to go. lilly decided she wanted to be a bug like max, so she wore the same costume as last year a ladybug.
we had a lot of fun, lilly had a blast, she sang the trick or treat song between every house. it was so cute because she changed the words to it, if you can picture a 3 foot tall, soon to be three year old little ladybug singing;
"trick or treat, smell my feets, give me good... somepens to eat, i don't care, i'll pull your underwear's down.... is that right mommy?" nick and i laughed every time:)

grandma minten with lilly and max

it was a very cold day

max fell a sleep as soon as we started moving:)

lilly trying to keep up with her big cousins

daddy and lilly

mommy, lilly and maxthe elrick clan and two neighbor friends:)


  1. Don't worry, I just posted my Halloween pictures too! Two cute little bugs, they look "snug as bugs" in their costumes. Lilly's song is hilarious, I hope you recorded her singing it!

  2. Those are the two cutest bugs in town!!!!
    Those big blue eyes on Max... WOW!
    And I wish I could hear Lilly sing that song!

  3. great photos! looks like a great time