Wednesday, November 11, 2009

early birthday present:)

max's birthday isn't till next week friday, but i have a problem with giving gifts early. i really don't see the point in having something for someone and not giving it to them to enjoy. so for max's first birthday he got from nick, lilly and myself, three pairs of leg warmers from knotty baby wear and fisher-price stack'n surprise blocks :)

i'm not sure if he loved his leg warmers... but i sure think he looks super cute:)

look at him go!!!

lilly sat back and gave max a little time to play alone with his toy.

she finally gave into the temptation.

you can see her here, i would like to say helping max place the block on the stand, but i would be stretching the truth a little on that one. if you notice she is trying to collect all of the blocks for herself away from her little brother.

quick max look out!!! i see lilly eyeing up your blocks :) oh, the fun of sibling!!!


  1. Max DOES look super cute in his leggings! I can't believe he's going to be one. Such a big guy - hopefully he gets to play with his new toy a lot :)

  2. Happy Birthday Max!!!
    Love little boy leg warmers! We got our Max a couple pair to wear when he was in the hospital - they're great and fun.

  3. He does look super cute in those!

  4. The leggings are so cute. Lindsey is getting that same toy for Christmas. I hope she likes it as much as Max does.
    Happy First Birthday Max!

  5. The legging are adorable and just suit Max!

    He's a stylin' fella!

    Happy Birthday Max! (Gabe has an older cousin who would do the same thing with the blocks! I think it's a girl-thing!)

  6. Max is so cute! He is doing realy good. Happy birthday Max! Kisses and hugs from Rosa, Adam and Tommy.

  7. I do the same thing. If we have the gift it is hard not to give it some times.