Tuesday, November 17, 2009

balloon fun:)

for max's birthday party i blew up 149 balloons for decoration:) i would have had a total of 150 but one had a hole in it. it was a lot, i repeat a lot of work. it took from 7:30 till 2 in the morning to blow and hang them all up. i wish i took picture before the party of them all but of course i forgot, so i did take after pictures. oh and the best part for lilly and max was when we took them down.
i attached a ton of photos,

so cute, his little feet up in the air.


  1. Sara, you win the Best Mom EVER award! AMAZING!!! (I love Max's feet up in the air, too!)

  2. hehe, how cute! I bet that took forever!!! What a great idea w/ the pictures on the balloons.

  3. Yeah, you are awesome for doing that! BTW, we have the same kitchen cabinets.LOL