Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow is fairly well-known in the Down syndrome community, i hadn't heard about it till a few weeks ago. the Zoromski family who are members in our family network here in our area, are in the process of adopting a five year old little girl with Ds.

this is the history of Reece's Rainbow
if you haven't seen this video please take the time to watch it:

i'm not sure how many of you noticed my new button Bringing Lily Home

Grab This Button

just a thought... nick and i have planned on instead of trading gifts to each other for Christmas this year, we will be donating that money to help bring lily home, if you would like to help bring lily home please click here or if you would like to help any other of the many children please click on the button below.

and you can follow the Zoromski family's adoption journey on their blog. click here


  1. I've thought about donating to RR instead of doing "neighborhood gifts" this year. I just became a prayer warrior with them! Such a great organization.

  2. Reese's Rainbow is amazing! If I had not had Sylas, I probably would never had found out about it, another blessing that came along with Sylas!

  3. Sara, Thank you. I'm so touched by your generosity - and I'm so glad our kids brought us together (beside, how cute is it to have Max & Ruby!)

    Thank you, Sara & Nick. We're so glad we have friends like you!

  4. LOVE Reece's Rainbow! LOVE it!