Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving picture?

after several attempts of getting a good picture of the kids on Thanksgiving, i have just decided to take the ones that i have for what they are(cute), im not sure why i always feel i need to get that perfect picture.


this one is funny:) max didn't care for his dad placing him there.
lilly doing her own cool move:)
i liked this one... lilly looks a little sleep though.


  1. There are some very cute pics in there. The one were he is in her lap is my favorite.

  2. They are really cute. I love the one with Max and he looks like he is rolling off the fireplace Lilly's arms. Also the last one Lilly reminds me of Blyss and her posing for pics lately. What fun!!

  3. oh my I love the second one and the second to last. too cute

  4. I love all these. I like the one where is rolling around & Lily is holding him back. I also like that look he's giving Dad for positioning him. so cute!