Saturday, December 5, 2009

lilly & max

last night after max's nap...

nick hung up the Christmas stocking and put up the decorations.... while lilly and max played in a blanket tent (that's lillys new thing:)

at first max wasn't all about playing in it.
lilly didn't really like that.
she kept pulling him back in:)
lilly would pop her head in and out of the tent.
max really liked that:)
oh no, he's coming for the camera.
cheese lilly:)
cheese max:)

he's coming to get me!
ahhh. he got me!
you can see nick hanging things up in the background.
whenever he has the chance he goes for the glasses:)
he called in reinforcement.
just a reminder saint nick comes tonight!!!


  1. Those are amazing pics! I love the smiles and fun. Btw, Eon goes for my glasses, too.

  2. Too cute. Piper told me this week that she can't wait for (our) Max to crawl so she can chase him!