Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas pictures

we had a wonderful Christmas this year, here are a few picture of the day:)

lilly was all about opening the presents...
on the other hand there was max who was all about the paper!!!
lilly got the puppy she had been asking for!!! she was so excited santa had the puppy in a box with holes cut out of the side and the puppy was making so much noise in the box... she opened the lid and nick asked what is it lilly? she responded in a whisper "it's mines... it's mines... it's mines puppy!!!" she was so happy:) even though you may not be able to tell by the picture:)
max and daddy.
max on the rocking horse... he really did great!!! he knew he needed to hold on tight especially when lilly came by to give him a big push:)
my two sweet peas.
the step 2 roller coaster was a big hit.
lilly and grandpa elrick.

look how happy he is:)
max with he's God parents aunt jessie and uncle ben.
grandma and grandpa elrick

lilly and her big cousin riley.
max with great aunt jenny.
all nine elrick grand kids with grandma and grandpa:)... it's really hard to get a nice picture with that many little kids.... someones always crying.
grandma and grandpa pingel with lilly and max. lilly and cousin jacqui all dressed up.
grandpa clark and max.


  1. AWWW, it looks wonderful! All those kids!!!! How fun.

  2. what great photos! looks like everyone is happy!

  3. wonderful pictures & the 1 with all 9 kiddos turned out pretty good, in my opinion anyway. :-)