Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saint Nick!!!

Saint Nick came last night, and brought lilly and max two new books:) the last month or so lilly has been crawling out of her bed and coming down stairs by nick and i... but last night since she knew she needed to stay in her bed for Saint Nick to come... she did:) it was great nick and i had time to talk and watch our tv shows. the only down side of it was lilly got up nice and early this morning:) max was super tired and i felt a little bad because i woke him up... but he had to be there to see what Saint Nick brought :)
max posing for the first picture:)
lilly with her first present

max with his.

what a good big sis lilly is... reading max's book to him:)
max's first hair grab for the day.
lilly's first scolding max for the day.
he just laughs at her:(
max's second hair pull for the day.
lilly decided to move.
so did max:)
i think this picture is so funny, it shows how upset she was with him.
please take a close look at her left hand.
she gently moved (pushed) him to the floor.
max's third hair pull for the day.
lilly is so good with him, when most kids would react by yelling or hitting... lilly just grabs his hand and speaks loud "MAX ...LET... GO"!
she has the no look hand block down.
max waving hi to me:)
now waving hi to daddy:)
max sliding off the hearth.
through all the hair pulling she still wants to be right next to her little brother:)
maybe with a little extra space between:)
hope everyone had a great day...
we did:)


  1. St. Nick comes to your house on the feast day of St. Nick? I've never heard of anyone doing that except my hubby. He is from Poland and there, St. Nick doesn't come on Christmas morning he comes on Dec. 6th.
    Are you Polish?

  2. Those jammies are so cute. And her bedhead is the best!

  3. Oh, my gosh! Those are the cutest pictures!