Thursday, November 26, 2009


we have a tradition for thanksgiving with my family every year... we go around the table and everyone will say what they are thankful for. last year i had to ask my family to skip that tradition, because the day before last Thanksgiving was the day we found out max was born with Down syndrome. ever since i've felt guilty and ashamed that i couldn't say that i was thankful at that time. not that i wasn't thankful for my children, lilly and my brand new baby.... i just didn't know what to be thankful for? i was still thinking why him, why would God do that to him, and why should i take the time to thank him for doing it.

this year i know better. i know everything i should be thankful for and why God plans what he plans.

so,.... this is what i plan to say at the table tonight.

i am thankful for my family, nick, lilly and max.
i am thankful that lilly and max are healthy and happy children.
i am thankful for lilly's smart and silly personality.
i am thankful for max's sweetness and strength.
i am thankful for my mom, dad, sisters, in-laws, and other family members who have been such a great support.
i am thankful for my nephews and nieces, for the close bond they share with lilly and max.
i am thankful for all of our new friends and playmates.
i am thankful for everything i have discovered about myself.
i am very thankful for this past year.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone:)


  1. Lots to be thankful for!! God is good all the time! Blessings!

  2. wonderful list to be thankful for. hope you had a wonderful day!