Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Grandma.

today is my grandma minten's birthday, don't worry gram i will not be sharing your age:) i wanted to write a post about my grandma for a long time now. so with today being her birthday i thought it was the right time.

i have always been very close with my grandma, she lives a few blocks from where i grew up and a few blocks from where i live now:) i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful lady in my life. my grandma is the best listener, and gives the best advice. she helps me look at all the sides not just my own.

the main reason i wanted to share about my grandma minten on my blog today would be for how much she has help me with max. five days after max was born and we found out he had Ds, the first person i wanted to talk to was my grandma. i knew in someway she would understand what i was going through. my aunt is in a wonderful way "special" as well. and so with this i knew my grandma would know what to say for it all to be okay, for me to understand and not hurt so much. i knew she would know the fears that i had and was the only one besides my husband who could truly understand.

and she did...

she helped me see that there is a beautiful, wonderful, loving future for max just like lilly, just like any other child. other people who i love tried to give me that same great advice but it was hard to take from them because they didn't really know... at least the way i was looking and feeling about it, but like i said my grandma did, so i listened and the biggest thing was that i believed her. and i'm sure i would have realised this at some point on my own, but with her help i was able to see it so much sooner. i was able to spend that important time with my child not being scared for him and his future but just loving him like a mother should do.

she also made me realize how lucky i am to be have a child with "special needs" now, compared to when she was a young mom. because of the great support there is out there in the world, not only my great Family Network the wonderful family's i have met here in the fox valley, but the family's online that i get so much support and advice from.

my grandma was right about it all.

so i have a huge thanks to my grandma, life would be hard to imagine without her so i know i am so very lucky to have her in my life:)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy GrAm!!!

i love you,

Christmas 2008


  1. What a lovely post for such a lovely woman. How blessed indeed you are to have her in your life.
    Happy Birthday to your Grandma Minten!

  2. Beautiful post! I hope Grandma Minten had a wonderful day!♥

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma. Such a beautiful post and picture.

  4. Bear, I didn't get Grandma a present...now you really made me look like a smuck!!:)