Monday, January 31, 2011


my oldest turned four last week.  she seems so much older to me at times, i need to remind myself that she is still just a little girl.  i think part of the reason why lilly seems so old to me is because she is my oldest child, with her i am always pushing her to be more grown up and independent.  i push her because i know she can do it, she is a very bright, sweet, loving little girl!  
lilly the birthday princes:)
lilly wanted a princes themed party,  she helped me make the cake and was so proud of it.

lilly with the elrick cousins:)

lilly with her Godparents.

lilly with the pingel cousins:)

a few things that lilly loves to do are;
draw people, she can make a circle for the head and puts a face in the center with eyes, a nose and a mouth, she then attaches arms and legs to the circle!
she is learning the alphabet, she can pick out the letters if we ask her where they are!
she is also learning numbers,
loves barbies, playing her leapster, playing with the new family kitten, her brothers, her cousins,.. oh and anything with princesses!



  1. Happy birthday, beautiful Lilly.

    (Sara, you'll laugh at this. I saw the title of your post on my reader and freaked out thinking you were announcing that you're having child #4!)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Lilly! Looks like a great princess party!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Beautiful Lilly!!!

    awesome job on the cake!!!