Thursday, January 6, 2011

packer game.

for sundays big game nick had the kids all decked out in packer apparel.  he even found a hat for max... it didn't stay on for to long:)
max in his little cap.

all three just hanging out on the couch:)  they are getting so big!

lilly thinking she needs protect baby grey from his big brother max.... and all he wanted was to kiss his little brother on the head,  he is really so sweet to his little brother. 

lilly and baby grey.
if you don't follow football the packers ended up winning on sunday, that made nick think kids clothes are a good luck charm:)  so my guess is they will be wearing the same thing this sunday.

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  1. Oh thats so big sisterly! Protect the baby from the crazy boy! Those are great kisses, they look like Arina kisses!