Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Christmas eve we spent the night with the minten side of the family.  before we left the kids sat by the tree for a picture.

great grandma minten with baby grey.

lilly and max playing with the new train set at grandma and grandpa elricks.

the family gathering around the food!

more food.
lilly's gift from great grandma minten:)

max reading the card great aunt jenny made for the family:)
grandma elrick holding baby grey.
max opening his present from great grandma minten.

a car... he loves it!

jenny, max, annie, ashley, and baby grey.  this picture was really funny because max would climb down and then back up and wedge himself right between jenny and annie and look back and forth at the two of them! (writing it down doesn't seem to show the true humor...but, it was hilarious!)

cousin ashley and annie were very smart at the end of the night they sent lilly around with a tip jar while they played the piano... lilly's cut was three dollars! big bucks for a three year old:)

max on Christmas morning, we got a late start because the kids slept in to 8:30.

max's big gift from santa.

lilly got a leapster explorer that she loves.

baby grey got diapers from santa oh, and a pillow pet.

lilly and max had such a good time opening their presents, they were so sweet and took turns and shared all of the things they got... it was a great Christmas morning.

max and the family gift from santa.

baby grey exploring his newly found fingers!
for the last few years we have been picking names on the elrick side of the family.   big cousin riley picked greys name and she came up with this gift all on her own.  she made a book off of shutterfly for him!  every page has a different cousin on it and it tells what their favorite color is. i think this might be my favorite gift the kids got.
max and his great big smile for the camera.
lilly and her new princes costume.

aunt dana and uncle adam giving lilly a big kiss.

max got a tun of animals from aunt jess and uncle ben!

grandpa elrick and baby grey.
grandpa pingel and max:)

lilly showing of her gift she got:)

a few of the pingel cousins.

max and his new mickey mouse!

baby grey and his new finger puppets:)
we had a wonderful Christmas with our family:)


  1. I love the picture at the top of your blog, you have the most beautiful children!

  2. Oh goodness your kids are beautiful! Love that vest!

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a lot of family and a lot of fun! Love the tip jar idea! :)
    And the matching jammies!! So cute!
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year!