Sunday, December 12, 2010

friday to sunday:)

friday morning we went over to grandma mintens for a visit.
max and great aunt jenny, max is getting really good at smiling for the camera:)
lilly, great grandma minten, and baby grey.
we were home by lunch time and spent the rest of the day in the house. on saturday we had our monthly DS gathering at the mom and pop place, it's a cafe that also has a toy store on the other side. it's a great place to meet because they have an area for the kids to play all the different toys they sell.
we got there an hour late because there was the first snowfall here and the roads were a little slippery, but not to bad... oh, and we woke up late, i would have to say now that i think of it was more about the waking up late then it was because of the roads. so we get there and not one other person was there! not anyone from the group or any other family just there to get coffee.
we did miss our friends,
but it was really fun for max and lilly to have the whole toy area to themselves.
this is the loudest toy they had there, it is a little wooden alligator that snaps different pieces together as you pull it. lilly loved it and ran it all over the store:) the lady working there mentioned maybe we should get one for her...all i could say was "no way!"
max loved playing with the train set:)
we stayed for about an hour or so, then headed home.
max fell asleep on the way home and took an early nap, lilly played outside with her dad while he shoveled. they built the first snowman on the block... we didn't have a carrot for his nose so it's a piece of asparagus!
great aunt lynn was home from milwaukee and stopped over to say hi and give the kids their annual singing Christmas cards:) and they love them.
lilly and baby grey sunday morning on the couch.
we are snowed in, it's a blizzard out there this morning! we plan to stay in the house and drink hot chocolate and play games.

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  1. I'm sorry no one from your group showed up! :(

    I hope you had a great time being snowed in! It sure sounds like fun!