Friday, December 3, 2010

lilly and santa's list.

lilly and i were sitting at our kitchen counter yesterday looking at an american girl catalog when she came across a page with her doll kit (who she calls little lilly because it looks a lot like her:)) on it. kit was in her pj's sitting on her bed. i always thought that would be a great gift for santa to get her so for the past few months i been saying to lilly wouldn't it be great if little lilly had her very own bed to sleep on. then this is how our conversation went.

lilly: "mom look, look a bed for my lilly!"
me: "oh, yeah look at that."
lilly: "we should ask santa for a bed for lilly."
me: "that's a great idea" (so i got out her list we have been writing to santa and as i wrote it i said it out load... "a bed for lilly.")

lilly then sat there quiet for a second just looking at me.
lilly: "mom, maybe we should put down a bed for little lilly so santa doesn't bring me a new bed."
me: "good thinking lilly."

lilly holding baby grey.

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