Thursday, December 23, 2010

streets of Bethlehem.

last friday night nick, lilly, max, baby grey, aunt mel, jacqui, jake, and myself walked the streets of Bethlehem. it was a really neat experience for all of us.
this advertisement explains it perfectly,
As you enter you will travel back in time to 3AD and experience the sights, sounds and smells of a busy street in Bethlehem the night Christ was born. Your family and friends can actually walk though a live drama and interact with people who lived in Bethlehem. Realistic dwellings, a quick taste of village life, live animals, Messianic dancing, Roman guards and a most important, a visit to see the new born Savior, Jesus. Visit the Streets of Bethlehem and create special memories this Christmas for the whole family.

the streets of Bethlehem is put on by a local church, i suggest if you live around here you go next year:)

max and aunt mel waiting in line:) i know that i mentioned before, but max is the biggest ham around a camera... on a side note he had a dr. appointment today and he was not a happyboy, he wouldn't even look at her until she took out her ear checking thing with the light in it, he then gave her the biggest smile he could make... i think he thought it was a camera:)
jake, jacqui, lilly and max. before we were able to walk the street(that is all inside.) we all had a short movie to watch about baby Jesus and his birth. when you first walk in you are greeted by the three wise men and this sweet baby camel.
people asking us where we were traveling from, and how many days it took to get to see the new king... the baby Jesus.
at the start when we were waiting in line they passed out coins, we were able to buy things on the streets of Bethlehem. lilly bought a bracelet for three coins... it was a little like the farmers market the things were more expensive at the beginning then at the end:)
lilly and max petting a tiny miniature pony:)people were dancing to music under a huge tent. a girl passed out instruments to play,

the kids loved it.
people were washing clothes and weaving baskets in the river.
at the end of the night i went back to look at the pictures i took and this one was in it. i have no clue how or why it was taken like this i didn't do anything different with my camera, i just thought i should share it:)
the kids petting rabbits.
you were able to buy food with the coins you were given, max really enjoyed the dried cranberries.
nick took a picture of me and baby grey... just so we remember we were there:)
max and lilly petting the donkey.
jake and jacqui smiling for the nicest picture:)

max wasn't up for one more picture and lilly didn't care to smile:)

that was our trip down the streets of Bethlehem:)

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