Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Year.

we celebrated new years eve up north this year! grandma and grandpa elrick, the kilgas family and our family all brought in the new year together:) 

the little kids making a fort on the bunk beds.

the bigger kids and baby grey watching a movie in grandma and grandpa room:)

this is such a funny picture because grandma and lilly are smiling so nice... evan on the other hand was just about to yell "it so cold on my back!"

nick and me.
baby grey all decked out!

max and his new year hat:)

max and grandpa elrick.

max making sure grandpa is smiling for the picture.

lilly and grandma elrick:)

a family new years picture.

it was a great weekend we had a tun of fun and all of the kids got along the entire weekend.  oh, and i surprisingly stayed up late two nights in a row. 

Happy 2011 Everyone! 

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  1. Happy New Year, what fabulous pictures. We were in bed early at our house haha. baby Grey is getting so big!