Friday, September 23, 2011

the zoo.

every summer for the past few years we try to make it a point to get to the zoo at least once. 

we were waiting for this one little penguin to jump into the water... but it never did.  lilly to was a little disappointed.

nick and the kids took a train ride around the zoo.  max kept trying to climb out the side:)

for each of the kids first visit to the zoo we have gotten them a stuffed animal, lilly got a tortoise, max got a hippopotamus and for grey's first visit he got an alligator!
we were able to feed the giraffe, it was awesome.  i don't thing i was ever that close to one before.  the lilly and max love it:) 
lilly feeding the giraffe.

i couldn't believe how long it's tongue was!  that's only half of it in this picture!  you can see max was a little stunned by the size too:)

it kept licking my arm trying to get it's food, max thought that was really funny!
max was telling him to go down by lilly.
to be honest the kids were a little crabby, i couldn't really understand that... their bellies were full, they had enough sleep the night before and on the way there, the weather was a little rainy but nothing that should have affected their moods... i just kept saying to nick "what's with these kids, here we are at what should be a wonderful place for kids... what's with these kids?" despite that, nick and i enjoyed our family time at the zoo:)

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