Friday, October 7, 2011


in august lilly had eye surgery,  i was a little nervous about that. i think anytime any of you children have to go under it’s a scary thing. you might be wondering what was wrong with lilly's eyes? well she has/had intermittent exotropia it's nothing serious(it's funny because before having max i thought all these little thing were so very serious) it's just that the muscles in her eyes aren't always working together so, the dr. loosens up the lower muscles attached to her eyes:) but like i said it's not really the surgery that worried me, it was more the putting to sleep:(

lilly before surgery:)

nick and lilly:)

lilly after surgery:(
she did fabulous! her eyes were a little sore and was having double vision for about month.  she needed to ware a patch on one eye for two hours every other day.  now she is great!  everything went perfect:)

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