Thursday, August 12, 2010

the baby.

on tuesday nick and i had an ultrasound "just to check everything out... no surprises," my dr. said. well, he did not let us see his face, we have no pictures of this little one in utero:( i can say since with both of our last pregnancies we had so many ultrasounds, with this one i was able to read all of the measurements and actually know what they meant. so i knew everything was on track with baby gray:) he is already head down, and there is still the right amount of "water" he has to swim around in:) it was nice to know right away instead of the scary unknown wait to see the dr. after.

after that our appointment nick and i were in the elevator to leave... we had this conversation,

nick: "this is a really easy pregnancy"
me: "no, dislocated hips like lilly!"
nick: "no, Trisomy 21...(DS)"
me: "this baby is being way to easy."
nick: "i bet he's going to be a little hell raiser when he gets out!"
me: "i hope there is no truth to that, we got really lucky with lilly and max:)"

this pregnancy has been a piece of cake! my friends have asked me if i am tired of being pregnant?

um... nope.

i could spend time dwelling on my pinched nerve in my back, or how very, very tired i am, but what i have found is to have an emotional roller coaster of a pregnancy is the worst thing to go through, to think of losing the life of your child... i say please God i will take the back pain and the tiredness with no complaints:)

i think i could do this (be in this pregnancy) forever. i am in no rush to hurry along this growing process:)

‎31 weeks the baby now weighs as much as four navel oranges. (length: over 16 inches, head to heel.) i wish we were able to get a picture of him to share at our appointment but this will have to do until he's here.


  1. I love your positive attitude Sara! :0) Can't wait to meet Baby Grey at Christmas!!!

  2. Ha! We knew before Matthew was 6mos old that he was our strong-willed one. At 18mos it's even more apparent! Good luck with that wishing for another laid-back one... LOL