Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bugs and more!

sunday we spent part of the day at a local nature center:) the day was beautiful, but i can say with all the rain we have been having the mosquitoes were crazy!

max thought the large fish where pretty neat:)
lilly liked the snakes and turtles:)
not sure if you can see there is a white label on the side of this tank that says please do not touch the turtles,... oops.
next time we will follow the rules little turtle:)
lilly was very concerned about the "stuffed" animals, especially for this little deer:(
lilly can't walk by a bubbler without getting something to drink:)

so many places to run...
next year max:)

lilly found an apple that fell off a tree:)... it looked really good... until we saw the worm that made a home in it!
they had a huge nest for the kids to play in.
max had more fun climbing on the ladder:)

i thought this was a pretty picture, but it also is where all the mosquitoes are coming from!


  1. it's a beautiful nature center! You took all sorts of great pictures, but there are none of you. hmm.. Just curious @ that backpack carrier...what kind is it & are you a fan?

  2. What an awesome place! Looks like so much fun!