Sunday, August 22, 2010


over the weekend we went camping at hartman's creek, it was a great weekend. jessie and the kids joined us:) it was really neat to go with the kids to this campground because i have so many wonderful memories of being there with my family camping when i was little:)

max and daddy getting ready for bed.

nick, max and aiden watching the fire:)
lilly finishing her breakfast:)
max having one of aunt jessie's treats:)

saturday morning they had a nature guy come to the park and show different animals to the kids.

they all thought it was really neat:)

none of the kids pet this thing.... it was a little scary, when it was time to put it back in it cage it bit the nature guys helper!

on the walk back to our campsite max took a nice nap, all that excitement of those animals tuckered this little guy out.
lilly and aiden roasted hot dogs for us all for lunch:)

we spent everyday at the beach. the water was so cold, perfect for hot summer days:)

aiden collected shells every day:)
riley swam:)
jack played:)

riley and lilly covered their feet deep in the sand:)
max ate a lot of sand.

i thought this was a cute picture... don't worry it's a empty bottle:)

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  1. What a beautiful campground. Looks like everyone had a great time!