Friday, August 6, 2010

children's parade!

last week we attended the children's parade to promote our Down Syndrome Awareness Walk in oct. we had a really big group, since both of my sisters are on the walk committee with me,... jessie and her kids came along to walk in the parade:)
getting ready for the parade to start.
it was tough getting max ready while he was sleeping but with the kids help we got it done:)
the kids were very excited to walk in a parade:) especially because they knew grandma elrick, great grandma minten and aunt jenny were waiting at the end to wave to them:)
they had fire trucks for the kids to climb in (we will too at our walk!)

hi max:)
more fire truck fun!

we then pass out save the date cards for our walk (OCT. 2nd mark your calendars), and got a hamburger and hot dog. (make a note at our DS walk you can get a whole meal for $1.50)
alright enough plugging for the our walk, her is a cute picture of lilly in front of a new store on the ave.