Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fun on the farm.

on saturday nick, the kids and i spent the day with three of the cousins, aunt val, uncle nate grandma and grandpa pingel at a local farm/petting zoo:) the kids had so much fun together:)

lilly and her cousin admiring the yummy carmel apples:)
lilly and grandpa!
to cute:)
max in the chicken coop.
yes i caught that with my own two hands! those things are fast.
lilly was a little scared at first but then she took charge and wanted to hold one on her own! go, lilly go:)
max walked the almost the entire time on his own:)
next up was the sheep.
and there are two little goats:)

then there was a hayride.
max and daddy:)
lilly on a pony ride:)

max got his turn:) doesn't he look like a little pro holding onto the handle like that:)

and at the end of it all we got to pick out our pumpkins:)

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  1. whew! that's a big pumpkin patch. It looks like you ALL had an absolute blast!