Sunday, October 3, 2010

Greyson Jeffrey.

we welcomed baby Grey into the world on
September 27, 2010.
6lbs. 13oz.
20.5 inches
Greyson Jeffrey Pingel
first picture with mommy and baby grey.
this moment was so amazing, my heart was so filled with love... but then had a small amount of sadness thinking that this was more than likely going to be the last time i have this feeling, the feeling of love at first sight... the feeling of instantly know i would do anything for this child.
everything went great with the c-section, besides the fact of the anaesthesia didn't fully take, the most important part was baby grey was health and able to breath on his own. he was 3 days shy of being 38 weeks.
daddy holding the newest member of the family:)
the first time i held baby grey:)

our first family picture:)
max gave baby grey so many soft kisses,
lilly didn't want to stop holding him.
such a sweet little face. grandma and grandpa pingel with the 7th grand baby,
grandma and grandpa elrick with their 10th:)


  1. Congratulations!!! He's precious! And that's a good day to be youngest brother shares that day, just 19 years older. :o)

  2. Sara, he's so beautiful!! Congratulations! :)

    Take care of yourself - call me if you need ANYTHING!

  3. he's beautiful! What do you mean the anaesthesia didn't fully take? yikes, scary stuff! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! So happy for your family and your adorable new addition!! :)

  5. Congrats! He is beautiful. Max and Lily look like they will enjoy a baby brother.

  6. Congratulations! Welcome baby Greyson.

  7. I'm so happy for you guys, what a wonderful family you have :0) Can't wait to meet him!