Monday, October 25, 2010

it's crazy to think!

i can't believe in less than a month my little boy is going to be two! since max has started walking (19 months! go max go!) he really has been picking up lots of other things,
he is signing consistently
"all done"
over the weekend he was playing with my dad, max kept putting his shoe on my dads head, then my dad would say wheres your shoe max, max would then take it off his head, he would do this over and over. then with out being prompted after my dad said shoe max did the sign! all by himself! it seems to be all coming together for him,
and today lilly and i were reading a book on the couch, max climbed up with a toy dog and handed it to lilly and patted his own chest over and over. i realized he was trying to sign dog, just in his own way(with signing, dog is normally patting your leg)!
he has vocally said the word more a few times now:)
he shakes his head back and forth for "no",
and up and down for "yes",
he copies almost every sign if he is in the mood, and now will hum along with you:)
max is always on the go, but we have found with his therapists is that if he is a little bit tired he can focus more on tasks like shape sorting(he is getting very good at shapes and sizes).
he has figured out how to open the gate to the upstairs so we had to come up with a way to jimmy rig it.
max now knows what gentle means, he seems to be kinder to his big sister, he no longer bites and only occasionally pulls hair.
he loves to hold his little brother, he looks at him in such a sweet way, then i ask him if he wants to hold him he needs to sit in the corner of the couch, he climbs up in the spot and holds him:) only for a second though and then seems to get board with him and pushes him away (we are working on signing all done for that).
here is a picture of max sitting on the stool. the last few weeks he has been climbing up and down them, but now at dinner time he wants to sit with the rest of the family to eat(not in his highchair). it's so cute he just sits and eats like a big boy!
you can tell he is so proud of himself:)
yes, he is still the trouble maker with climbing onto the counters!

i can say the whole family is so proud of this little boy who is almost two:) to think back two years ago and the things i read about having a child with DS, and the things a 2 year old would do "could do", it makes me wish i could find every new mom out there and say, don't read those things, don't believe those things. your child is going to amaze you by everything they do:) i feel the moments seem even more special because you can see how hard he tries to do something, how he doesn't quit and continues to try. so then when he gets it... wow... like i said AMAZING!
great job max! keep it up:)


  1. Don't read those things, Don't believe those things! Our kids are more capable than what people think. The only way to figure it out is when you have a child with Trisomy 21. I a believer there is a new generation of people with Trisomy 21 with more inclusion and opportunities than ever before. Therapies and strong parents, as you and I, are making the difference. Evey child is unique and different. There are too many sterotypes about people with Trisomy 21, but the truth can not be hidden. Your picture of Max climbing talks by itself. A big hug to Max!

  2. I really needed to read something like this today...It made me cry. I just started writing a post this morning on seeing the delays and how it scares me and makes me sad...I have been fine with knowing to expect delays all this time but now as Russell approaches his 1st birthday and I am noticing them, I find I am struggling with how I feel.
    Anyway, I'm glad I read this post, and what you wrote about what you would tell new moms...Thank you :)

  3. That's awesome! Go, Max, go! I love the big boy sitting at the table pic. Too cute! I love it when people post updates like this on their blogs. Thanks!

  4. Go Max! Makes me happy tp hear to that your Max isn't biting and hair pulling as much - gives me hope for my Max :)!