Tuesday, October 12, 2010

you would never guess!

i'll give you three chance to tell me how or what you think i woke up to this morning.

1. full of spit up from baby grey?.... nope.
2. on the floor?.... nope.
3. with a sucker stuck to me forehead?....nope.

i woke up to this...
a police officer in my upstairs hallway out side my bedroom door yelling... this is how our conversation went...

police officer #1: "is anyone in there?" in a very firm voice.
at this time is when i actually woke up.
me: "umm... yes"
police officer#1: "this is the police department is everything alright in there?" "i need you to come out" again, in a very firm voice.
me: "everything is fine, just wait a second i need to put something on." not that i was fully naked but i'm pretty sure the little chute police department wouldn't like to see a lady that just had a baby 2wks ago in her underwear.
police officer #1: "i need you to step out right now."
me: "just a second"
police officer #1: "now mam."

i opened my bed room door and sure enough there were two metro cops in my house... in my upstairs hallway... right outside my bedroom door! our strange early morning conversation continued.

police officer #2 "is everything alright mam?"
me: "yes, it's fine?" at this point i was really very confused, i thought maybe there was a gas leak it was really cold and smelt strange outside of my room, kind of like... umm, if you live around here the way kaukauna smells.

at this point baby grey is making some noise back in my room, police office #1 looked very concerned like he was going to pull his gun out!

me: "that's just my baby." i went back in the room and picked him up.
police officer #1: "mam we are her because a neighbor was concerned your front door has been open for a very long time this morning."
me: "oh, i'm sorry my husband must have left it open when he left for work." i then felt like i had to explain more, for taking up there time. "see i just had a baby two weeks ago and nick, that's my husband has been bringing the kids to my mother-in-laws or my moms in the morning... see it's not his usual thing to do... so he must have forgotten to shut the door." i felt like i was in school trying to grasp at any logical excuse that i could think of.
police officer #2: "so, everything is okay here?"
me: "yes."
police officer #1: "we just need to get your information, then we can go."

wow! what a way to wake up:) after they left i never laughed so hard!

my neighbor a crossed the street then called to apologise. she said that she left to bring her kids to school and the door was open, and after an hour or so she came over and knocked and yelled for me but i didn't hear her. she was concerned that something happened to me and possible max and lilly got out of the house. then she said she thought that maybe i was mad. told her no way and i appreciated her watching over our house and our family like that.

she then went on about how bad she felt, and told me that when the first cop got there he went around the outside of my house checking things then went back to his car and put on gloves then another cop car came and she saw them get there guns out! she felt so bad that they brought guns into my house. she didn't think they would take such precautions, but i can totally see why they did.

over all i feel safe that i have such a close neighborhood:) and now i have a great story to tell!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, Sara!!

    WOW! That's pretty wild! Glad everything is okay.

  2. Wow!That IS some excitement to wake up too!
    Nice that you have a great neighbor :)

  3. holy that is a way to wake up! Thank goodness your neighbor was looking out for you though. I bet your hubby closes that door tight from now on, lol!

  4. Oh my word!! I will never complain about my alarm clock again!

  5. Oh, my goodness! That's just crazy!

  6. I bet your hubby doesn't leave the door open ever again!