Monday, November 21, 2011

Max First Day.

max's first day of school was today.  he was so, so excited!  i don't think i was giving him enough credit on everything he knows... i didn't think he really understood that he was going to school or that lilly actually goes to school everyday.  i'm not sure why i thought this, maybe because he's not able to communicate all that he knows in the big, brilliant brain of his...
he loved putting his backpack on just like his big sister:)
 the early childhood kiddos start a little after the rest of the school, so a few minutes earlier we dropped lilly of by the door she always goes in, and got back in the car to wait till it was time for his class to start. 
this was the moment i got it, i got how much that little boy of mine is taking in everyday.  he always finds a way to surprise me:) 
anyways, we got out of the car and we put his backpack back on.  i said "okay max it's time for you to go to school," and he just turned and started to run to the doors that lilly gets to go in:)  he was telling me he knew why he was there and the biggest thing he was ready... not so sure if i was, but he was and that's really all that matters!
max running into school on his first day.

max and miss heidi.
max is on his to start his great education, we are so lucky to have such wonderful people like miss heidi to start this journey with:)

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  1. Ok, this kind of freaks me out a little as Eon's turn is just around the corner. I'm going to sob like a baby. :) He really does look like such a big kid with that back pack!