Sunday, November 20, 2011

My boy is three!

today is max's third birthday.  this morning was different then other mornings.  max woke up first, before grey and lilly.  nick and i brought the fully awake birthday boy into bed with us.  he sat between nick and i, the first thing he did was point to me and say "mom" and then to nick and say "dad" with a huge smile on his face:)  since he was in the talking mood, i asked him to say other family members names and he did!  he tried every time and was so proud of himself:)  he then signed "drink, milk, please" i responded "okay max lets go downstairs".... he then with the sweetest face signed "cookie"!  how could a mom say no to that! 
max and daddy!  i could just tell max was cheering wake up daddy, lets celebrate today's my birthday!!!

max and his cookie and milk for breakfast.  oh, and i loved this picture because i asked him who's birthday it was and he pointed right to himself!!! what a big boy:)

i just wanted to make a note that we did have yogurt and crackers with cheese (max's favorite things) after his cookie! 

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Max! What a big boy! I just can't believe you're 3 already! Wow.