Thursday, June 10, 2010

cheese fest:)

last weekend was the "great wisconsin cheese festival" in our home town little chute. on saturday lilly max and i attended the parade.
lilly and max waiting for it to start.
lilly got so much candy! and yes she did share one sucker with her brother:)
we then went down the park and had a cheese burger with grandpa elrick and went to the petting zoo.
max was a little shy he kept his distance from the animals.
lilly on the other hand was so excited to touch them all!
three little piggies:)
and a goat:)
lilly had her face painted... i said lilly would you like a flower or a heart? "no mom i want an air...row...plane:)"
max waited patiently. for his sister masterpiece on her face to be finished.
hmmm. i don't think an airplane is a normal request.
by the time we got back to the car max was sleeping... lilly wanted to take a picture of her and max sleeping after their big adventuress morning. so she is actually fake sleeping in this picture.
we then went to see nick who was moving lilly and max's grandpa and grandma pingel's new house! it's beautiful:)

on sunday my uncle kurt's band played down at cheese fest, and it's something that the whole family attends so we were super excited to go and see them... kurt is one in from the right.
max loved listening to the music.
he always had a smile on his face:)
he was dancing with his aunt:)
clapping with his grandma.
did i mention he was all smiles:)
lilly went on a few rides with her cousin, and daddy.
and played tricks on people under picnic tables.
by the end of the afternoon max was pooped again.
we then spent a great night with new friends, california noah his little brother and his mom and dad... i wish i took pictures of that, there is always next time.


  1. what a great adventure of a day!!! You sure wore out your baby! :0)

  2. such a great time. I love all the happiness in the photos

  3. We went too! Our fish died the next did it's replacement! Em loved the rollercoaster...I loved the cheese!