Tuesday, June 15, 2010

peninsula state park!

over the weekend we camped at peninsula state park, friday night was cold and rainy, saturday was warmer with no rain, we had friends of ours laura and kane came up and spent the day and night with us:) oh, also saturday, the kids, nick and i also had a wedding we attended at a local park for a friend of my work. sunday was just beautiful the best day of the whole weekend. i can say this was our best family camping trip yet:)
what a little trouble maker this little man is! about 15 minutes to the campsite i should have know something was up, because max all of a sudden got very quiet. when we pulled in, i unbuckled and looked in back.... there sweet little lilly was sleeping.... and max was covered in oatmeal cookie crumbs! i'm still not completely sure how he got them, my best guess is he somehow used his feet to get the cookie container out of the paper bag next to him, then somehow opened it... all without making a peep. there were 12 cookies in there when we left the house, there were 4 1/2 left!!! i don't think max will ever eat that many cookies in one 15 minute sitting ever again:)
lilly waking daddy up in the morning:)
max wanted to join in the fun:)
max had a lot of fun in the camper, so many new places to climb around.
saturday morning cartoons while they wait for breakfast!
fun at the park:)

max loved, loved the swings!

lilly enjoyed the playground:)
we were all packed up and decided to go for one more walk before we left.
max taking his morning nap:)
lilly and daddy in the water...burr it's still really cold!

i asked nick to take a picture of me and the kids.... just to prove that i was there!


  1. You guys do camping right! Those pictures are great and Max is a stinker!!

  2. What a blast! And the cookie story... too funny!!

  3. What an awesome weekend. Can't believe Max ate all those cookies.. that's funny! Love the picts! Dallas