Wednesday, June 2, 2010

holiday weekend.

last holiday weekend up at white potato lake.
we did a lot of swimming...
sweet little lilly.
sweet little max.
lynn's 60th birthday jessie made a cake!
a super sad looking cake:( but it sure tasted good:)

max didn't take his eyes off of it.
so handsome.

max loved the little gator ride lilly gave him, they want around and around the cottage.
his therapist would have been so proud, he stood the whole time:)
hold on max, your sister can be a crazy driver:)
kids fishing off the dock.
kids playing on little riding toys.
kids sitting in chairs.
kids, kids everywhere:) big adam and little adam joking around.
careful with the fork evan:)
max 's sweet cheeks just about to go in the water:)
water trampoline fun:)
this was the last day that nick, max and myself were up north for the holiday weekend lilly stay up with the rest of the family. we came home on saturday max had a terrible case of pink eye, i have never seen such sad eyes:( he also had a fever and that night had some sort of stomach bug all night:( sunday night was much, much better. his eyes cleared up after the first drop of medication. nick and i had planned to stay up north all weekend then my mom and dad were going to be keeping both kids up there and bringing them home friday morning. so monday afternoon we brought max back up north and spent the day with the family and then left the kids:( it was a really hard thing for me to do, but nick and i planned to put a fence up at home and we would get so much more done with them not around. plus i know they would have so much more fun up there.
so the last few nights have been really strange. i feel a little free in a way? i have gotten so may things done that i was putting off, and i am happy to say the fence is almost finished. the kids are doing great, lilly told me a story over the phone that she and grandma found a painter turtle on the road and it peed on grandma! she laughed so hard:) then they let it go in the lake.
i am so excited to see them in the morning! i have missed them so much, it's one thing to feel a little free... but now it's more of a free but very empty feeling like i want to be doing something else (like take care of my kids, hug and kiss my kids).

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  1. lots of wonderful pictures. My favorite is Lily & max taking a cruise around the cottage. Looks like a great long weekend.