Saturday, June 19, 2010

father's day

we celebrated father's day for nick and with his side of the family on saturday,
the kids with daddy early morning.
daddy opening his present, for the last few years we would give nick a new picture of the kids to keep at his desk at work, since he works about 50 hours a week. this year lilly and i decided that while daddy is at work he should look at more than just the one picture of the kids and we found an excellent deal on a digital frame:) nick told me the first day he had it at work it made him a much happier man that he could see more of his little ones while he was working:)
we went to the farmers market, and stopped somewhere to eat downtown. while i was taking this next picture of max he turned his head to look at something...
and while i was snapping this picture i heard a familiar voice say "you guys are always taking pictures."
it was uncle nate:)
aunt val, cousin wilson and new cousin elison:)
lilly was just as surprised to see her cousins as i was:)

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