Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day & jenny's birthday party!

sunday was spent with my side of the family, in the afternoon we went over to my mom and dads a few of the kids gave grandpa elrick his father's day gift...(an ice maker for the cottage)

max loves to help unwrap presents, but chewing the paper is the best part for him:)
grandpa and max at great aunt jenny's birthday party!
lilly and the birthday girl:)
we got home around six and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather, we played a game of bochie ball in the backyard.
max had a sucker and played with his soccer ball.

then nick and i work on the putting the last part of our new fence up while the kids played with bubbles:)

max playing with rocks.
lilly with her biggest smile:)
what a great way to end a wonderful weekend at home:)

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